Case Study

The Challenge:

Seeing is believing, and this DC based animal hospital wanted to find a way to get potential customers through the doors. They were confident that their updated facilities and enthusiastic staff would win the hearts of pets and their owners, but first they needed a way to get them to visit.

Our Solution:

Our team planned and hosted an event using various methods to draw attention to the event. We created a pet costume contest, which people could enter by posting photos of their pets in Halloween costumes with the hashtag #SpookyPups. The prize was a subscription health plan to the hospital. We also partnered with local shelters by using the event as an opportunity to collect donations of pet supplies. The shelters helped to publicize the event, which helped us to reach our target audience: animal lovers. Between the drive to collect donations and the social media buzz over the costume contest, the word got out to the right people.

The Results:

The hospital attracted more than 150 people in the two hour long open house and received 40% more new appointments in the weeks following. We love our furry friends, and are proud to have donated over $1,000 worth of supplies to a local animal shelter as a result of the donation collection!