Case Study

The Challenge:

The challenge was to partner a Chiropractic firm with a local Crossfit gym. Knowing their existing social media pages and outreach could positively impact each other's company, we formed a partnership and cross-campaign to raise awareness and to promote both companies equally.    

Our Solution:

Enter hashtag #RiseandShine. We launched a campaign that highlighted the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle, using images that featured both businesses. We challenged social media followers to work out daily for 30 days, and to post pictures using the #RiseandShine hashtag to show their participation. To motivate participants, we created a Facebook page where we awarded gift cards, essential oils, and workout attire to those who were meeting the challenge goals.

The Results:

The campaign attracted more than 5,000 people to the Facebook group. Hundreds of photos were uploaded to Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #RiseandShine, helping to drive traffic to the original posts featuring the two businesses.