Smashing Walnuts: It’s hard to know where to begin telling the story of our (current) client, Smashing Walnuts. We’ve said it before, but one of the things about being a small marketing firm is that we get to know our customers well, and we do our best to approach their needs with the level of care they deserve. Smashing Walnuts is a non-profit started by a family carrying out the wishes of their daughter and sister, Gabriella Miller. Before 10 year old Gabriella passed away in 2013, she wished that there was a way to ensure that no other child would have their life stolen by cancer as hers was. Through the last few months we have gotten to know the family and witnessed firsthand the love and dedication that drives them. It’s little surprise that the entire Crimson Fly team has become personally invested in this mission to raise funds and awareness to find a cure. It is invigorating to be able to use our skills to help such a worthy cause.

The focus of our work so far has been to help Smashing Walnuts publicize their annual gala, and sell tickets. We launched an extensive social media campaign and succeeded in exceeding their goal for ticket sales. We are excited to continue working with them, we have a strategy that we believe will help them to get their message to the people that need to hear it. We invite you to follow the work that we are doing together, by visiting their website at