“This year, the search giant [Google] will be releasing an update to its mobile search results in May. It will weight mobile-friendliness more heavily, ostensibly to help users find pages that are easier to read on their devices.”

In our minds, Google’s announcement to alter their algorithms for optimal mobile viewing is not an unwelcome change. At least one positive aspect is that it will benefit those who have already done due diligence in ensuring that their site is responsive. It will also force businesses to figure out how to reach mobile web searchers if they want online visibility.

This decision by Google is indicative of the “mobile future” that is developing. The amount of content that is consumed on a mobile device passed desktop consumption long ago, particularly with social media and image based content. This poses some interesting new challenges for digital marketing, or depending on how you look at it, new opportunities to get ahead of the game. Whether you serve a local community or a much broader market, now is the time to take a good look at how your business appears (and if you appears at all) to mobile users.