Champagne Cleaning Services: Cleaning services face a unique marketing challenge because few people want to invite somebody into their home without a good reason to trust them. Of course they are not the only type of business that face this challenge, many home improvement professionals struggle with how to get their business off the ground when they haven’t yet established “word of mouth” fame.

To help Champagne Cleaning Services, we knew we would have to make every effort to ensure that their image was professional and knowledgeable. Champagne recognized the harmful long term effects of conventional cleaning products and was in the process of transitioning entirely to green/eco friendly products and methods. We wanted to make sure that this concern for the well being of their customers and the environment came across in their branding. We designed a professional website and logo which communicated that Champagne’s expertise and knowledge of all things “clean.” Somebody looking for a cleaning service in the area will visit Champagne’s website and realize that they don’t rely on toxic chemicals and artificial scents to impress their customers, but that they leave their client’s homes clean and pure.  This has helped to boost Champagne’s clientele, and to establish them as forerunners in the switch to organic cleaning.