We loved the points that were made in this Forbes article, and it made us want to give our take on this topic. Sometimes we get asked really basic questions, such as, “what exactly is digital marketing?” We should know, right? The thing is, this term is a giant umbrella to so many different strategies and concepts, and it grows and flexes every day. The examples we give you of digital marketing today may not be the examples we give you next week. This is the first of three reasons why every company should consider hiring a digital marketing firm versus using an in-house marketing department.

A good digital marketing firm is guaranteed to be industry relevant. It’s their job, it’s what they do. If your company’s marketing department is relying on information that has been cycled around the internet for the past 6 months for their digital marketing strategy, then they are wasting their time and yours.

An outside firm will gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your appeal in a way that you marketing department cannot. Internal marketing departments are focused on getting the message of their company out. Because of this, they lose the perspective that an external firm working with multiple companies has. An outside firm will quickly recognize what aspect of your message will fit well with current market trends, and will amplify that.

A digital marketing team can give you the same results as the popular apps and software platforms, for less overall cost. Many businesses rely on trendy apps and software to meet their digital marketing needs. A good campaign combines design, development, and editorial skills with a creative take on your industry. A digital marketing firm is able to provide you with all of those, with a uniquely personal approach that you won’t get from the latest site integration apps that everybody else is using.

No matter the size of your company, everything comes down to allocation of resources, and at the end of the day you have to ask yourself if the amount you are spending on in house marketing is giving you the same results that you can get from hiring an external firm.