Maude Hair Salon Sometimes it doesn’t take long to get to know our client’s personalities, and from the moment we walked into Maude Hair Salon, we realized why they were hiring us: their “vanilla” brand didn’t communicate who they were. The owners of Maude are fun loving and edgy, they have a huge board of magnets with inappropriate jokes printed on them, and they aren’t afraid to use bright pink hair dye. it was obvious that they offered a salon experience that set them apart from their competitors, but their plain jane branding wasn’t communicating that to potential customers. We went to work to make sure that it did.

We designed their website, and found a way to integrate a feature so that when a customer posted a picture to social media and used their hashtag, Maude could approve it to be featured on their site with the click of a button. They were prepared to spend much more on this integrated functionality through an app service, and we were pleased to do it for them for much less cost.  This function has proven itself to be an incredibly effective way to encourage customers to post pictures, and of course, to show off their work without continually updating the site themselves. We established their social media presence, and even made a Tumblr,  all to build their online image in the world of beauty blogging, and to showcase their talent.

We enjoyed the opportunity to transform the image of this business into how they wanted to appear to the world, much as they transform their customer’s appearances on a daily basis.