Adams Morgan Animal Hospital: Just a note: if you are in the business of cute and cuddly pets and you want us to market your business, we will always say “yes”. Always.

Today we just  have to brag a little bit about how much we enjoy working with a long time client of ours, Adams Morgan Animal Hospital. They are a family owned practice who are passionate about taking care of the pets of DC. This is evidenced by their state of the art facilities, and warm and welcoming staff. Their primary challenge is finding a way to connect with a busy, transient population that doesn’t necessarily value their longstanding commitment to the community.

One of the more memorable campaigns that we did for the owner of the hospital was to promote their animal laser therapy services. Who can resist taking a second look at a picture of a cat wearing sunglasses? As we thought, this turned out to be an effective way of getting people to actually visit the hospital. At that point, our job is accomplished, because the quality service that they offer shows from the moment a customer walks through the door.