Case Study

The Challenge

A local cleaning company wanted to stand out in the saturated market of cleaning and maid services. They wanted to capture the younger, millennial generation and sought out the expertise of the Crimson Fly team to do so.  

Our Solution

It was evident after the kickoff meeting with the owners that they wanted to be portrayed as a modern, more hip cleaning company that offered personal service. To get started, a total redesign of the website was done to include visuals and copy that appealed to younger generations but was still engaging to visitors of all age groups.

It was quickly realized that potential clients had questions, but didn’t necessarily want to pick up the phone to get answers. Enter “online chat” - a service where website visitors could ask a question and get a response without picking up the phone.

Next step was to make it easy and convenient to schedule a free in-home estimate. Often times potential customers, particularly those of the younger generation, would visit the website after hours and not be able to call the office to schedule their appointment. Working closely with our client, we developed a custom online scheduler that would allow website visitors to select a day and time that was convenient for them to have a representative from Champagne Services provide them with a free in-home estimate. Our client was given the ability to set blackout dates and easily alter times available for their new clients to choose from.

All of this was helping our client to grow their business, but there was one piece still missing. Some people simply wanted to know what the cost would be to have their home cleaned without talking to anyone from Champagne Services. They wanted an immediate online quote. Therefore, Crimson Fly designed and created another custom developed program and attached it to their website. With a few clicks of the mouse and some basic information, potential clients are able to get an immediate estimate and schedule their first cleaning without picking up the phone.  

The Result

With a new website and added features, and full social media package to drive new business to their site, Champagne Services was able to acquire 20-30 new customers per month.