Case Study

The Challenge:

A Northern Virginia tutoring agency asked Crimson Fly to help them reach out to moms in the area who would appreciate the benefits of bringing their children to the center.

Our Solution:

Our team designed and hosted a panel of local “Mommy Bloggers” to come to the center and watch the tutors in action, so that they could report to their followers on how the center operated. The event was well attended by bloggers, and generated interest among their followers. We then put together an e-book that moms of school-aged children would find helpful: tips and tricks for getting kids to do their homework, featuring pointers from the tutoring agency. The e-book was endorsed and distributed by the bloggers with great success.

The Results:

Between the various bloggers, the e-book brought in a combined reach 2 million visitors a month, and generated additional interest from public school districts and media outlets.