Case Study

The Challenge:

An author with a few published books looked to Crimson Fly to help pique interest in his stories and promote book sales.

Our Solution:

We began by setting him up on Amazon as well as other online bookstores to increase his exposure. Our team ensured that his author pages were optimized to attract readers interested in books of the genre (Mystery/SciFi) he wrote.

To further grow interest in his books, 100 books were placed in train stations, bus terminals and airports on the East Coast. Inside each book, a note from the author inviting people to read it, Tweet about it and return it so another could enjoy it was placed.

Simultaneously, a visual campaign showing the author in the many settings his books were written was designed to engage followers. This campaign ran on multiple social media platforms.

The Result:

Book sales increased and his Twitter following grew organically from 0 to 7000.