Case Study

The Challenge:

A small non-profit organization was looking to raise awareness and inspire action on the war against Childhood Cancer. Though well known in their hometown, they wanted to take their message to a wider audience to further the impact of their efforts. Their goal was to become a driving force in helping raise funds to research a cure for the disease.

Our Solution:

The first step was to grow brand recognition. To do this, we worked closely with the organization’s founder to design a logo that represented their inspiration for starting their organization while also being appealing to the general public.  Once created, this logo was used on their newly developed website and all marketing material.

We supported the organization as it prepared for and hosted its Annual Gala. Our in house graphic designers prepared all marketing material including the Gala logo, print ads, invitations and signage. As the biggest fundraiser of the year for them, attendance was key. Our team worked with local organizations, news outlets, homeowners associations and bloggers to spread the word and promote ticket sales. To encourage those unable to attend to still be a part of their fundraising efforts, an online auction was created. Bidders were able to see the items available and place their bids.

The Result:

The organization has become one of the most well-known in the child cancer realm and has been involved in legislative initiatives to increase the amount of funds appropriated to this disease.

Their annual Gala had record breaking attendance and gross proceeds of more than $250k.