Washington Intelligence Bureau

Case Study

The Challenge

We were approached by a direct mail house with a unique request: use digital marketing strategies to promote their traditional advertising services.

Our Solution:

First we did an extensive amount of independent research to determine the target audiences of direct mail. We then used that information to develop a set of downloads which would help marketers to re-imagine the ways in which direct mail could help them to get their message out. These included e-books, presentations, infographics and workbooks. We used software to obtain the contact information of site visitors and track the downloads of the materials, track their behavior and assign a value for each action. Once a user collected a certain number of points in the system, they began to receive automated emails suggesting similar content to download. Then, when a user passed a certain threshold of interaction with the material, they were added to a list of leads for the sales team to contact.

The Results:

Because of the targeted data we were able to collect, the mail house reported a dramatic increase in sales when their representatives contacted the leads.