Case Study

The Challenge:

Our client was a hearing aid company that wanted to reach an unlikely audience through social media. It was an unusual audience because the average social media user isn’t of the age group that is typically in need of a hearing device. We needed to market a product to an audience that wouldn't necessarily use the product for themselves, but would know to recommend it to their parents and grandparents.

Our Solution:

They say to understand somebody, you should walk a mile in their shoes, but is there a way to hear with another’s ears? We wanted to engage social media users in meaningful way that would help them to understand what it is like to live with impaired hearing. We created a series of audio clips from famous speeches that would be recognizable to the average person, but then distorted the audio so that it became extremely difficult to make out what was actually being said without listening to the clip several times. The home page of the company’s website featured a game that asked the user to listen to the distorted audio clips, and then tweet their interpretation of what they had heard. Participants were then entered into a drawing to win a TV. We promoted the game via Facebook and Twitter, and received over 500 visitors to the page on the first day alone.

The Results:

After the campaign, the company updated their mailing list with hundreds of new email addresses and received a 25% increase of in-store traffic.